Dear international student,

This survey is a part of research project at the Ministry of Higher Education. The research is a study of international students in the Omani higher education institutions that aims to provide better services for international students. Therefore, we appreciate your cooperation to fill out this questionnaire. All your responses will be kept anonymous. In addition, data will be securely stored and not shared with any other party.


Thanks for your participation

Section 1: General Information 

At which University/College do you study?
Country of residence:
Year of course:
Funding source:

Type of visa: 

Mode of study:
Type of course:

How did you know about this University/College?

Section 2: Please rate your satisfaction of the following:
Could you please cross the box with (X)

Satisfaction before studying at this institution
Reputation of the institution
Advance information about the studies from this institution
Advice on immigration and visa from the institution
Arrival Satisfaction
Welcome/pickup on arrival
Conditions of accommodation on arrival
Immigration and visa
Orientation Satisfaction
Understanding how course of study would work
Assistance to obtain health insurance
Finding way around the local area
Organized social activities
Meeting academic staff
Academic registration
Institution orientation
Opening a bank account
Formal welcome at the institution
Dealing with finance/accounts
Dealing with accommodation office
Visa and registration at the institution
Overall orientation
Career Satisfaction
Advice and guidance on long-term opportunities and career
Learning that will help to get a good job
Career advisory service
Assessment Satisfaction
Explanation of marking/assessment criteria
Fair and transparent assessment work
Feedback on course work
Program Satisfaction
The organization and smooth running of the course
Personal support with learning
Class size
Technology Satisfaction
Learning technology
Internet access at accommodation
Learning management system
IT and system support
Faculty Satisfaction
Lecture quality
Teaching ability of lecturers/supervisors
Academic staff medium of instruction
Subject area of expertise of lecturers/supervisors
Time with faculty outside class
Research Satisfaction
Level of research activity
Easy access to relevant research and articles
Applying Harvard/Cambridge Referencing System
Academic Support Services Satisfaction
Quality of laboratories
Library Satisfaction
Physical library facilities
Virtual learning environment
Online library facilities
Cost Satisfaction
Cost of accommodation
Cost of living
Cost of tuition
Availability of financial support from school
Cost of textbooks
Social Satisfaction
Making friends in Oman
Social activities
Opportunities to experience the culture of Oman
Ecofriendly institutional practices
Making friends with other international students
Social facilities
Transport Satisfaction
Transport links to other places
Transport between institution locations
Access to suitable locations
Campus Satisfaction
Campus eating places
Sports facilities
Physical environment
Facilities for religious worship
Quality of lecture theaters/classrooms 
Design/quality of campus buildings
Surrounding area outside institution
Accommodation Satisfaction
Feeling safe and secure
Quality of accommodation
Facilities for religious worship
Social activities
Social facilities
Accommodation office
Overall accommodation satisfaction
Services Satisfaction
Institution account/finance department
Hall of residence support
Immigration and visa support from the institution
Health Center
Counselling service
International office
Disability support
Campus food
Institution clubs/societies
Facilities for religious worship
Social facilities
Student advisory services
Student's union
Overall support services satisfaction
 Reasons for selecting Oman to study:
Your suggestions to improve the services provided to international students studying in Oman:
Would you recommend other friends and relatives to study in Oman? Why?
Any Comments about your College/University or course?